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Top Advantages of Taking Digital Notes

There are copious questions about note-taking and a handful more regarding digital note-taking. In today’s high tech world, we are moving ahead with technology incorporated into our everyday life. Phones, tablets, laptops are everywhere with us. It would be unjust if we do not appreciate that technology has made the magnitude of our work easier. For students, the recent trend is to take notes digitally. Well, apart from fitting into the trends, are digital notes really helpful? If yes, then how?
Let me address this question through the article.

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Comparing Books vs Videos for Students

Let us finally put this argument to rest; Books or Videos? A common question among students. Especially with the advent of COVID-19, we have seen a switch to online classes. There is a diversity of aspects to compare before you decide which is better for you; books or videos? Is there one right answer to this that I can give you? NO. We all are different, and we all have different learning process. While some may prefer the feel of the hardbound book, the smell of the pages and the beauty of annotating and highlighting text; others may prefer being time-efficient, and quick reviews of videos before an exam. But what if you are in between?

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5 mistakes to avoid in first year of medical school

I always think that if I get a chance to go back and change some things about my first year of medical school, what would I want to do differently? I have the answer to this question now. We spend a virtuous proportion of time from our life in medical school; I think it is one of the longest career paths. These years hold importance in sculpting great doctors and also have a significant impact on your personal life. Realistically every individual experiences a plethora of emotions through these years. Especially when you are just starting off in the first year. Whether it is the new city, the busy hospital, the mess food, or the completely new subjects to study, there is a lot to figure out. Nobody has everything sorted out since day 1 unless you have a family of doctors. I know that you will learn a lot in your first year from your own experiences. Well, experiences teach you the best life lessons. However, there are a few things that I want to give out straight to you. These are the most crucial mistakes that you should definitely avoid at the start of your first year of Medical School.

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MBBS Practical Exam Free Resources (year wise)

MBBS university exams are about to start in a few weeks. Most likely, this month most of the MBBS student around the country are combating the Pre-University exams. A good proportion of both the exams is the practical/ clinical exams as well. In my previous posts I have talked about the university exams in detail, but the practical exam were left to be covered separately in a series of articles. So, with this article I am trying to give you a list of free resources for the practical exams during MBBS. I have tried to compile all the high yield resources and sorted them for your ease. Specially! considering that most of the classes this year were virtual, you might not have had the chance to learn through live classes. Thus, the below resources are a mix of documents, slides and videos to give you the best learning experience. I hope that this could be of help for you. In the second part of this post, I will discuss about how to prepare for the practical exams.

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Medicos, Follow this 1 Month Before the Exam

Exams are heading in for medical students throughout the country (India), previously I wrote a post about the university exams for MBBS student. While that post is sufficient in itself, which was also evident from the love it received (grateful). This time I thought to be more specific and write about exam preparation when you are 1 month close to the exams. I know that 1 month before the exam, every medical student gets into the “panic mode” to go through the never-ending syllabus. No matter how well you are prepared for the exam, there is some anxiety when you see the exams peeking through the window. At least for me, I get on an emotional roller coaster ride 1 month before the exam. The most crucial thing is to manage your studies and emotions so that none of it becomes a hindrance between your beautiful scores. I know that medical students are not just preparing for the university exams but also for the giant competitive exams. So with this post, I intend to cover both the university exam and the competitive exam separately.

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