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Quick Recipes for Medical Students

Cooking can be intimidating, especially for those who just start. We, as medical students, don’t have a lot of time for cooking exotic meals. So we mostly end up eating junk or outside foods. So to help you guys out, I have perfectly curated this article by including the simplest yet healthier meals that any amateur cook can easily prepare.

Save this article for your future reference.

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Nutritional requirement of adolescent girls

Adolescence is a crucial time for the growth and development of individuals. This is the time when the body is going through major physical, hormonal and mental changes and at this point, a proper diet plays a crucial role in the growth and development as well as prevention of future health issues. Especially for girls, the need for a proper diet is important to support their reproductive health and prevent hormonal disturbances.

18% of the world’s population accounts of adolescents and India is home to most of the adolescents – 243 million – out of which 50% of girls are underweight.

Given below are the important dietary requirements which should be incorporated in adolescent girl’s diet.

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