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Top Advantages of Taking Digital Notes

There are copious questions about note-taking and a handful more regarding digital note-taking. In today’s high tech world, we are moving ahead with technology incorporated into our everyday life. Phones, tablets, laptops are everywhere with us. It would be unjust if we do not appreciate that technology has made the magnitude of our work easier. For students, the recent trend is to take notes digitally. Well, apart from fitting into the trends, are digital notes really helpful? If yes, then how?
Let me address this question through the article.

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Comparing Books vs Videos for Students

Let us finally put this argument to rest; Books or Videos? A common question among students. Especially with the advent of COVID-19, we have seen a switch to online classes. There is a diversity of aspects to compare before you decide which is better for you; books or videos? Is there one right answer to this that I can give you? NO. We all are different, and we all have different learning process. While some may prefer the feel of the hardbound book, the smell of the pages and the beauty of annotating and highlighting text; others may prefer being time-efficient, and quick reviews of videos before an exam. But what if you are in between?

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5 Key Elements Before the MBBS Practical Exams

This is part 2 of the MBBS practical exams series. In the previous post, I shared about the MBBS practical exam free resources. With this post, I am taking it a step further by talking about the 5 key elements to implement before you appear for the MBBS practical exams. The term ‘exam’ in itself carry anxiety, let alone the practical exams, that too for a medical student is mentally exhausting. I hear you, I have been through these tormenting exam experience myself. However, I realised over the years that there is a way to decode these exams. And with this post, I am sharing those insights with you. Here are some cardinal points you should take care of before the MBBS practical exam.

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Behind the Scenes of MBBS Abroad

*Disclaimer: This post is mostly about MBBS in Eastern European countries. Nothing mentioned in the post is intended to be generalised to all the universities/countries or the people living there.

“MBBS abroad” what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear this? To me, the utter contemplation of pursuing MBBS outside of India sounds daunting because of the stereotypes. What if the MBBS universities outside India are just fraud? What if the agencies are trapping me into a scam to pursue MBBS abroad? What will people say if they find I am pursuing my MBBS degree in another country? A lot of ‘what’, ‘if’ and ‘but’…

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