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Top Advantages of Taking Digital Notes

There are copious questions about note-taking and a handful more regarding digital note-taking. In today’s high tech world, we are moving ahead with technology incorporated into our everyday life. Phones, tablets, laptops are everywhere with us. It would be unjust if we do not appreciate that technology has made the magnitude of our work easier. For students, the recent trend is to take notes digitally. Well, apart from fitting into the trends, are digital notes really helpful? If yes, then how?
Let me address this question through the article.

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5 Common Mistakes that You Should Avoid While Taking Notes

Every student has a unique way to take notes which might not work well for someone else. However, often it gets difficult to judge yourself. Whether the technique you are implementing while taking notes is worthy enough? Is it serving you well? Are those notes giving the value for the time you spent making them? In the end, you are thriving to learn effectively from the notes you made. You have to make sure that the most valuable resource (time) that you are spending to make the ‘near-perfect’ notes is helping you to retain the information.

With my experience, trials and errors, I have figured out the common mistakes that I used to make while taking notes. I gradually implemented new strategies to work towards these mistakes that helped me tremendously to perform better and saved me from the heap of stress.

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