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5 minimalistic and essential stationery supplies for students

As a child, stationery shopping was one of the most exciting aspects of school life. Even at gift shops, the fancy pencil cases were the major attraction for me. I remember buying the Shaka-Laka-Boom-Boom pencil as a kid, and every day dreaming if something I draw will turn out to be real (Didn’t you do that?). I am assuming, you must have gifted some form of stationery to your friend or as a return gift at your own birthday party, no? Stationery fascinates me, and I still fall for the beautiful notebook covers. However, as I grew up, I had a shift in my mindset. I only get things which are essential and which solve the purpose for me. The delightful art and colours are fascinating, but I did not want to have a collection of articles that might be unnecessary. I only use minimal things which gets my work done. With that, let me take you through my stationery articles that are always around my desk and very handily available at stores.

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