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What was Anki with S2S all about?

If you have been following me for a while, you must be aware of the free Anki with S2S session that I conducted recently. In this article, I will give all the insights and behind the scenes for the session. Before we get into the detail, let me just give a brief about what is Anki? Anki is a free flashcards application that uses spaced repetition for a long-lasting memory. You can find a lot about Anki on various forums and Youtube videos. On one hand, it is a blessing to have all the information available in a single click. However, on the other hand, the same reason makes it complex to get started with anything. The same goes for Anki; you can use it up to the coding level or keep it plain and simple. To give a break to the endless noise around Anki, I thought to take a stride further.

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My Take on Exam Stress – Can Stress be Helpful?

Stress, anxiety, nervousness, tension, hardships, restlessness, Imposter syndrome, crunch, fear.. etc., etc… You must be strongly feeling some of these emotions when you are near the exam. I am someone similar to you. Just the word exam has some negative connotation attached to it. Even if you are a gold medalist, there is some form of stress you are dealing with during the exam season. In fact, with my experience, I can say that for a competitive student, the stress levels increase even further. Even now if I am close to any exam, there is some kind of nervousness. The degree of the stress may vary, but it persists. Let me start by sharing a story; I was once asked to write a paper for a literature student, who was visually challenged. In this exam, I was supposed to sit with her in the exam hall and write whatever she dictated to me. That sounds simple, right? It is not my exam, and I just have to write down what she says, no pressure! Even then I was worried about a gazillion things – What if my writing speed is slow?; What if I didn’t put the correct punctuations?; What if my handwriting was not acceptable?; What if the spellings were wrong? What if I fall sick during the exam? … blah.. blah.. blah!

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These are Things I am Taking Ahead from You, 2020

2021 is here, and I would be lying if I say that I am not expecting something magical to happen that will just change everything that is going on in the world right now. We all were wishing for 2020 to be over soon; as if the firecrackers on new year eve will burn the agony of the world into ashes. For me, the year 2020 was similar to how it had been for most of you – 

  • stuck at home, 
  • holidays cancelled, 
  • no graduation ceremony, 
  • delayed exams, 
  • kitchen experiments, 
  • board games with family, 
  • multiple attempts at Dalgona coffee and 
  • lots of DIY. 
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Managing Stress – My Story

Have you ever woken up with a sense of worthlessness, like you are failing everyone around you? Although, every aspect of your life is shining, have you ever felt like it is all going in vain? When you are enjoying your work, your family is with you, and importantly, everyone is safe; have you still felt despair? I woke up with a similar feeling 2 days back.

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I notice the change, I see some small pieces inside me shifting here and there (all for good). There’s some ease to my approach towards things, my thoughts are still vivid and widespread, they still keep poking their nose in between my mindfulness but now I feel some power and control over them, I can let go.

I have some clarity and acceptance towards the surprises life pitches on our face. I understand that what matters is the present, each and every second is counting and I don’t want to lose it. I am not allowing either the past or the future to take over the present. The present is already short-lived and it should be valued the most.

I am being more clear and straightforward with people. I was always clear and straight about things I need and what I don’t but either it was too blatant or I was backing up things with reasons and justifications; making excuses. Now I am simply honest and keeping myself ready about whatever response I might receive. And this is making everything much simpler. Understanding others perspective and then working ahead accordingly is soothing.

There’s so much more to life rather than just confining ourselves to our restricted mindset and as a result, missing out on the openness the universe has offered us to breathe.

These tiny things give me immense joy. Much gratitude to my friend Medha Mishra and my mentor for opening up this opportunity for me.