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13 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money as a Medical Student

Are you a medical student who is looking for ways to make some extra cash? 

Do you have a passion but do not know how to monetize it?

What if I tell you that you can make money with your passion and skills with just a little effort.

Sounds great, right?

There are a number of ways to make money just by spending 1-3 hours a day. All that matters is the passion and the right strategies for doing it.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for non-medical or medical side hustle ideas, how much time you have, or what skills you possess. You must be able to find one side hustle out of the list that suits you. And you can go with any idea according to your preference.

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Quick Recipes for Medical Students

Cooking can be intimidating, especially for those who just start. We, as medical students, don’t have a lot of time for cooking exotic meals. So we mostly end up eating junk or outside foods. So to help you guys out, I have perfectly curated this article by including the simplest yet healthier meals that any amateur cook can easily prepare.

Save this article for your future reference.

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11 Ways to Protect Mental Health of Medical Students during the Pandemic

The life of every medical student right now is far from standard. Because of the pandemic, the daily routine of medical students has been drastically affected. Staying inside a house within the four walls can be really frustrating. Besides taking care of physical health by wearing masks and social distancing, medical students must take care of their mental health too! Being a medical student, coping up with studies amidst all this is a real challenge. So today, I am going to tell you a few ways in which you can take care of your mental health right from your doorsteps.

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Getting logical about Covid

What we are facing right now is a national emergency, nothing short of war. Covid is real and right here. And no, it’s not just a fever or flu unlike many of you assume!! It is imperative to understand the gravity of the situation because the only way to break the chain of transmission as of now is by staying indoors.

Doctors have been repeatedly emphasising the practice of covid appropriate behaviour. In the past year, you have been told things that all of you know by now-

Do not step outside unless necessary. If at all you need to go out, please wear masks at all times, fully covering your nose and mouth with no air escape. Sanitize and wash your hands regularly and do not touch your eyes or nose with your hands.

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Top Advantages of Taking Digital Notes

There are copious questions about note-taking and a handful more regarding digital note-taking. In today’s high tech world, we are moving ahead with technology incorporated into our everyday life. Phones, tablets, laptops are everywhere with us. It would be unjust if we do not appreciate that technology has made the magnitude of our work easier. For students, the recent trend is to take notes digitally. Well, apart from fitting into the trends, are digital notes really helpful? If yes, then how?
Let me address this question through the article.

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