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The origin of Stealth to Steth began with the thought of creating a closely connected environment where everyone gets a chance to learn and grow. It is the one-spot place to add value to your life. Get insights into healthcare, medicine, and student life from the eyes of a doctor who is motivated to help everyone grow through her authentic experiences and actionable tips.

Hear it from our lovely students:

“…I have already been using Anki for a few years before the session, so I already knew the basics, but I still learned some valuable information that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.Whether someone is a complete beginner who’s looking into Anki, or an intermediate like me who’s looking to make their usage more efficient, there is something for everyone.”

-Rishav Ghoshal

“Hi, I’m Vidhi Wadhwani, a first year MBBS student from Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS) medical college Ahmedabad. I absolutely loved the Anki S2S with Gazala ma’am. Even though the session took place in the very initial days when med school started I applied everything ma’am taught us in that session to improve my memorization skills. After that, I scored really good on my anatomy internals. Anki is a great resource and I’d suggest everyone to start implementing it in their daily routines. Although there are a lot of tools out there to help us study, there are really less people who explain us how to use them exactly. I’d like to thank ghazala ma’am with all my heart for the same.”

-Vidhi Wadhwani

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